Founded in 1970 in Japan, D’URBAN is known for its European styles with an Asian silhouette. The No.1 Suit brand in Japan is devoted to creating both business wear and off-duty wears that speak for modern minimalism and functionality. Its dedication to developing and inventing new fabrics, designs, colours, through the latest technology in its garment factory in Miyazaki, Japan is widely recognized.

Following the 20th Anniversary of the exclusive "Monsoon" campaign, D’URBAN continues to grow and move forward inline with the world. In this coming Autumn/Winter Season, D’URBAN impresses the modern city man with a collection that combines style and function perfectly.


D’URBAN AW17 – Cool Autumn
As autumn nears with a chill in the air, D’URBAN's launch for the season is aimed at city-goers that travel between urban landscapes, from Hong Kong to New York, London to Shanghai. To respond to the changing climate, D’URBAN works hard on creating garments that are suited for a warmer winter, presenting a collection that is functional, warm, yet light. This transitional Delivery is inspired by nature – moon surface texture and rock are reworked into patterns, for graphical prints that resemble cityscapes, wovens, and jacquard. An Urban palette using navy, steel grey, khaki, and white are widely seen in the collection. To adapt to the warmer weather without losing the winter look, one of the highlights of the collection are lightweight pieces with winter-feeling prints, such as a digital-wool-printed blouson. As for the silhouettes, D’URBAN keeps its cleanness and minimalism, with a little twist and functional details. The key items are the reversible bombers that are travel-friendly, mid-length coats that are equipped with angled side-pockets to ensure convenience and comfort. Texture-printed sweaters are simple and stylish. Also worth noting are the mix-material (cotton and linen) reversible blouson, and the weight-free padded shirts that allow extra warmth. Layer each individual piece together or separately, along with the wrinkle-resistant trousers, to form a smart urban look that takes you from city to city.

D’URBAN AW17 – Hot Winter
Isn’t everyone excited about the most festive season of the year? So is D’URBAN. The winter delivery of the D’URBAN AW17 collection is all about coziness. Now’s the time to gather with family and friends for a drink at home or in a snug whisky bar filled with the scent of burning wood. D’URBAN continues to display an innovative and comfortable range with minimal weight. Fabrics are easy and light with a lounge feeling. Colors are rich and festive; wine, grey, burnt orange prevail, with a touch of black. The collection focuses on warmth but does not compromise on comfort. Modern nylon Parkas that are water-resistant, and double-faced coats, uphold the brand’s core goals – practical and functional. Exiting items include fashionable mixed-cloth jackets with leather fronts and a knitted back; as well as the new coloured gilets. For more extreme weather, wrap yourself in the warm shearling coat or the super cozy down jacket.

"J-Quality" Authorization
Initiated by the Japan government, D’URBAN has been a part of the "J Quality" campaign, which promotes Made In Japan products since FW15 collection. Products that are granted the recognition have to be 100% designed and manufactured in Japan, from weaving to finishing. Proudly presented with the most "J Quality" as a fashion brand, D’URBAN has received positive feedbacks on the collection since it was launched. D’URBAN is determined to offer customers a wider range of "J Quality" products. The factory in Miyazaki, Japan, plays an important role to innovate exclusive contemporary fabrics with the traditional Japanese silk craftsmanship and mill for the D’URBAN "J Quality" pieces. Each hand-tagged by the government; the "J Quality" range that represents Japanese integrity has been a great success and will continue to grow steadily and surely in the coming future.

Personal Order Service
Always understand and care for its customers - D’URBAN introduced Personal Order Service in 2016 that encourages men to choose the fit and fabrics for their own clothing adaptation. Entirely made in Japan, customers are consulted by well-trained D’URBAN staff to tailor make clothing that is perfect fit for each individual in 4-weeks’ time. In this season, D’URBAN carries on providing this exquisite service to the city men with a wider range of quality materials including a mix of silk and wool, in particular the high quality in Super 130’s that is exclusively developed with Loro Piana.

D’URBAN Underwear
All made in Japan, D’URBAN is launching its newest Underwear collection that keeps you stylish on the inside. For the best comfort, fabrics such as cotton and PU are carefully selected and are stretch to fit with great comfort. The signature D’URBAN twin-line stripes on the waistbands adds extra design touch. The underwear line includes T-shirts, hip briefs and trunks, available in black, white, and red.