D’URBAN Spring & Summer Collection 2018

Refresh yourself to a Japanese style suit this spring and summer. While elegance is still the catchword of men’s fashion, this season, the theme of "Elegance" encapsulates the entire D’URBAN Spring & Summer Collection. Our fabric selection and color palettes move beyond the confines of traditional suits, accentuating the brand’s elegant style with perfect touches.


Stand out with a naturally layered look

A fresh feel is a must for fashion trend in early spring. The new arrivals of D’URBAN spring collection give you a lively and elegant layered look. With base tones of burgundy, baby pink, emerald green, or mint green, we add a special texture with fabric grain, geometric pattern, obscure stripes, or screen printing patterns, and with perfect color matches. We take a fresh, modern twist on classic minimalist trends. We are meticulous and deliberate in fabric selection. The lightweight, tightly knit mercerized cotton suits, wool cotton blend light-color suits, yarn-dyed imitation denim jeans are the highlights. The ultralight, breathable, and twice-as-warm-as-cotton-batting 3M Thinsulate jackets and outerwear are your best choice that keeps you warm on still chilly spring days.

Summer Urban Saunters

The intricate interplay of light and shadow constitutes the summer collection from D’URBAN. The most attention-grabbing items include the unconstructed blazer, unlined yet smartly crisp, with ultralight, soft fabrics like linen and cotton blend, in a unique style finished with sophisticated Japanese craftsmanship. The brand’s innovation is also manifest in the high-thermal- conductivity Monsoon outerwear made from fabrics exclusively developed by D’URBAN’s R&D. Match it with polo shirts and long cotton pants, inject a fun vibe into your summer urban saunters. The color palette centers the base tones of charming purple and yellow, the summer collection adds misty grey, ocean blue, white, brown, etc. The overall hue exudes graceful charm and accentuates your outdoortsy personality.

Integrating Functionality with Personality Revealing a Brand New You – Mobile Collection (Urban Travel Collection)

Packing your suits and their matching shirts for a business trip is always a headache. The brand new Mobile Collection exclusively designed for business travelers and launched by D’URBAN this year not only emphasizes the light, water-repellent, and crease-resistant practical functionalities, but also offers soft, breathable comfort beyond form-fitting cut. This collection encompasses an array of casual wear, such as ultralight, waterproof shape memory, lightweight, waterproof casual top, antibacterial cotton trousers, and anti-UV cotton Polo shirts. By mixing casual wear with suits, like matching suits with white crew Tees and sneakers, the brand brings out the casual elegance in you.

"J-Quality" Authorization

Initiated by the Japan government, D’URBAN has been a part of the "J Quality" campaign, which promotes Made In Japan products since FW15 collection. Products that are granted the recognition have to be 100% designed and manufactured in Japan, from weaving to finishing. Proudly presented with the most "J Quality" as a fashion brand, D’URBAN has received positive feedbacks on the collection since it was launched. D’URBAN is determined to offer customers a wider range of "J Quality" products. The factory in Miyazaki, Japan, plays an important role to innovate exclusive contemporary fabrics with the traditional Japanese silk craftsmanship and mill for the D’URBAN "J Quality" pieces. Each hand-tagged by the government; the "J Quality" range that represents Japanese integrity has been a great success and will continue to grow steadily and surely in the coming future.

Personal Order Service

Always understand and care for its customers - D’URBAN introduced Personal Order Service in 2016 that encourages men to choose the fit and fabrics for their own clothing adaptation. Entirely made in Japan, customers are consulted by well-trained D’URBAN staff to tailor make clothing that is perfect fit for each individual in 4-weeks’ time. In this season, D’URBAN carries on providing this exquisite service to the city men with a wider range of quality materials including a mix of silk and wool, in particular the high quality in Super 130’s that is exclusively developed with Loro Piana.

D’URBAN Underwear

All made in Japan, D’URBAN is launching its newest Underwear collection that keeps you stylish on the inside. For the best comfort, fabrics such as cotton and PU are carefully selected and are stretch to fit with great comfort. The signature D’URBAN twin-line stripes on the waistbands adds extra design touch. The underwear line includes T-shirts, hip briefs and trunks, available in black, white, and red.

Brand History

D’URBAN came to the forefront of quality fashion menswear in 1970. Founded in Japan, was named after a shipping escort in 1922. D’URBAN is inspired by the long-held traditions of prestigious tailoring in Europe. Dedicated development and research into the latest technology into colours, fabrics, designs and cutting have brought the brand to international prominence in the menswear arena. Today, the D’URBAN collection includes both sophisticated business and leisure wear.